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RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC.


January 2023


We endeavor to provide financial assistance and create a

positive pathway to students in pursuit

of a post high school education/vocational training.


Promote higher learning

Expand the mind

Enhance lives

Encourage quality education needed to create a better way of life.

Donors may mail contributions to

RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC.

1401 Cypress Street

Valdosta, Georgia 31601

How Do We Do It

RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC is registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia

RJ Mathis Scholarship, LLC is founded on the following tenets:


RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC's mission is to demonstrate dedication to our youth's pursuit of higher education. To accomplish this, RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC distributes available funds to students who are members of the church and are pursuing their first undergraduate degree. Applicants will have the responsibility of adhering to the guidelines/policy set forth by the Committee to meet eligibility. To be eligible, applicants will be responsible for following the guidelines/policies established by the Committee.

RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC is offering a limited number of scholarships to high school seniors who will be attending college full-time (12 or more semester hours) for the academic year. Recipients must be active members of a church, pursuing undergraduate studies in an accredited program leading towards their first post-secondary degree or certification.


The scholarship is payable in a single installment. The application, as well as our policy and general information, are accessible below and at the church office.


Applications with ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION must be received in the Church Office or postmarked no later than April 15, 2023. 


Please send a letter of recommendation from your pastor, a 250-word essay explaining why you need this award, a headshot, and a brief biography (1 paragraph) to Once you provide proof that you have been enrolled in school for 30 days, the check will be issued in your name (include address if different from mailing address). By submitting this application, you agree to allow RJ Mathis Scholarship Fund and its affiliates to use your photo on social media for scholarship recognition and promotion.

Complete application here:

Identity and Personal Information

RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC. will:

  • Treat students fairly and consistently, and not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or membership in any protected class.

  • Hold personal and identifying information as confidential, and not attribute or share it with third parties without permission of the student.

  • Invite, but do not require, students to participate in publicity or media appearances, without the decision of the student to participate influencing award decisions.

Student Stories

RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC. will:

  • When borrowing a student's narrative, clearly state the purpose(s) and return to the student to obtain permission each time the story is retold.

  • Make it plain to students that they are not required to share personal stories, that there are no consequences for declining, and that they have the last say over editing.


RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC. will:

  • Select students based on financial need.

  • Examine each complete application with care, deliberation, and regard for the applicant's context and circumstances.

  • Select students only based on their qualifications, without regard to donor input or personal relationships.


RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC. will:

  • Only discuss a student's information with the student unless the student authorizes the involvement of a third party.

Board of Directors

The board of directors of RJ Mathis Scholarship LLC. sets organizational policy and priorities, secures adequate resources to support the programs, and provides fiduciary oversight for the nonprofit organization.


The Board includes active members that are in good standing from Crossing Jordan Baptist Church.

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