In December 2006, God placed in the spirit of Dr. Mathis that his assignment at his previous assignment had come to an end. A few fragile faithful followers asked him to meet with them. There were 85 people that attended the meeting. These followers asked, “Where will we worship tomorrow?” For the next three (3) Sundays, we held 8:00 a.m. worship. After much prayer and deliberation, God made it clear what his agenda was for Dr. Mathis. God gave him the vision and instruction to stay in Valdosta with great clarity. There was work for him to do here and to start a ministry. Dr. Mathis was given the name “Crossing Jordan” at that time.


We are moving towards greater,
Turning away no one,
Expanding every person,
Setting a great Atmosphere,
Accepting others through love,
Being authentic to who we are,
Anticipating the presence of God in every experience.
This is our call to action


As I move towards greater, I will accept all divine ideas,
thoughts or concepts that will connect me to my destiny.
I believe that what Jesus Christ has done for me, is
bigger than what anyone has, can and will do to me.
Because of His full gift, I will lend to many
nations and will borrow from none.


Dr. Mathis is the recipient of numerous local and state awards and public recognition.  Dr. Mathis’ civilian awards include the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Community Partnership Award.  Also, he has been featured in the National U.S.A. Today newspaper and the Tom Joiner National Radio Talk Show.  In addition to his highway safety education programs, youth community service outreach programs have been featured in the Valdosta Daily Times newspaper and local and state major television news networks.While being a minister for over 46 years and a Pastor 40 of those years he was called to engage in various mission’s work in the community.

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